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October 4, 2007

Healthy Energy vs caffeinated adrenaline rush

Filed under: Olympia Physician — Dr. Natalie Kather @ 9:02 pm

The most common complaint I hear from patients is “I’m tired all the time!” What they do not realize is that they have created a cycle of worsening fatigue with their use of caffeine. Caffeine is found in coffee, teas, soda pop, and now even beer. It is a pro-aging substance. Yes, it makes people grow older faster. Is it no wonder then that these caffeine lovers  drag around the office because their energy is so low? Sadly, they often drink more, trying to battle the ever-increasing fatigue! As an Anti-Aging physician, I must admit that caffeine keeps me in business!

“So what am I supposed to do then?” is the usual response I get after explaining how this fast-track-to-being -old stresses the adrenals and depletes the body.

Healthy cellular energy and body renewal come when the body gets the substances it needs. Substances known as bio-energetics are particularly effective for this job. My favorite book describing this process is THE METABOLIC PLAN: STAY YOUNGER LONGER, written by international metabolic chemistry expert Stephen Cherniske. If you own a body, then this is the instruction manual you need for it. The book gives easy to understand descriptions of nutrients we can choose to improve our cellualr energy, performance and health. It’s my favorite anti-aging book! (See my review on Amazon.com.)

My two favorite bio-energetic drinks that improve cellular renewal are Xperia and AgelessXtra. A recent research trial at my clinic showed positive benefits in well-being for the subjects without causing much affect on blood sugar levels. To find out more about purchasing these drinks or a copy of THE METABOLIC PLAN, please contact my office Advanced Family Wellness Inc PS at phone # 360-570-8010.

May you have a day filled with sustained healthy energy!

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