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Menopause and Andropause concerns

Menopause is the failure of ovarian function. Andropause is the failure of testicular function. However, the aging process consists of many more changes than these. Many systems decline in function as we age. This is why the "pauses" are a marker of increased risk for stroke, heart attack, and death. Some people celebrate when they no longer have periods or are no longer able to have penile erections, but many people understand that this "change of life" is detrimental and not healthful. More and more people are empowering themselves by making healthy choices to optimize their activity, diet, and hormone levels, instead of accepting the "pauses" and preparing for a rapid decline toward death.

Sex hormone testing is done by blood serum testing (Paclab, Lab Corp, Dynacare, etc) and also urinary metabolites of sex steroid hormones (Genova Diagnostics www.gdx.net/product/10049  ).