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Hormone Balancing / Hormone Replacement Therapy / Bioidentical Hormones

Hormone balancing is a valuable tool in treating such conditions as:

  • premenstrual disorder
  • perimenopause-fatigue
  • mood disorders-aging

Hormone balancing involves serum, saliva, or urine testing, combined with educated clinical assessments that hone in on deficiencies and dominances.

Some people benefit more from bioidentical hormone replacement† treatments, such as:

  • female hormone replenishment
  • correcting thyroid hormone imbalances
  • male hormone balancing / andropause

Our experience has shown that for other patients, the best treatment is through herbal therapies, like:

  • chaste tree berry, maca, cissus quadrangularis, green tea

At Advanced Family Wellness, PS, we ensure that care and treatment are individualized. We take a holistic approach to medicine with the sole goal of optimizing our patientsí quality of life.