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Adrenal Fatigue / Adrenal Gland Health

Being able to withstand the stresses of everyday living requires healthy adrenal glands. These orange, triangle-shaped "hats" that sit on top of the kidneys make over 150 different hormones, hormones which help regulate our blood pressure, strength, heart rate, immune system, and reactions to changes both internally and externally. The main steroid in the human body is dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Levels of this amazing repair signal help the body determine how young or old it is. Low levels tell the body it is old. Higher, healthy levels, tell the body it is young, which means that it will more quickly repair damage.

Our clinic evaluates adrenal gland health and remedies adrenal problems using  B vitamins, deep breathing, decreasing oxidative stress, essential fatty acids, salt regulation and intake, and exercise, just to name a few approaches. If you feel "old" and can't deal with stress as easily as you used to, please see us for a consultation.