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Anti-aging, Family & Metabolic Wellness


Dr. Kather Retired August 13, 2020!

The clinic is closed FOREVER. Want to know what she is up to now? See my2048!

Dear Advanced Family Wellness Clients:

I retired from clinical medicine on August 13, 2020. Joyfully, I now work full-time with my brilliant biochemist husband, Stephen Cherniske. We have a nutritional company that educates people about what to explore and what to ignore in the confusing natural health arena.  Those of you who follow our websites (My2048.com, TheHealthySkeptics.com, TheMetabolicMakeover.com) know that educating people about metabolic medicine and working with Stephen is my calling.

First of all, primary healthcare is critically important to a healthy lifestyle. Because I am retired from clinical medicine, you must establish with a primary care physician at your earliest convenience. I cannot transfer your care for you, but if you have valued my approach – and I hope that is the case – below are other providers I believe can offer you a similar experience. At the end of this letter will be instructions on how to get your medical records to these providers.

Optimal health requires accurate, evidence-based information. Please explore my websites and consider becoming a member of TheHealthySkeptics.com. Members enjoy special pricing and a huge video and print library of our research  spanning more than 40 years. Members also have direct access to Stephen and me via e-mail. Remember, email primary care is impossible and because I am retiring, I can no longer act as a medical provider. For our members we are happy to engage in conversations without diagnosing, treating or preventing your disease issues. Think of The Healthy Skeptics as a community of health-conscious men and women guided by a team of eminent scientists and doctors. It is not a source of primary care or any sort of medical care.

Your ongoing primary care needs

Nutritional medicine and hormone balancing are not yet mainstream, so I have been gathering information about other providers that offer care similar to my approach. Below is a list of local clinics that are currently open to new patients. Some are booked 3-6 months out so please call right away to get established.

Not all providers accept all types of insurance. Some are cash-based and can give you the medical codes for you to bill your insurance company. I contacted each of these facilities to make sure that they were accepting new patients.

For strictly mainstream primary care approaches, please consider UW Medicine Olympia or West Olympia Family Medicine (Providence).

           UW Neighborhood Olympia Clinic – Primary Care  Services

            Phone: 360-507-9100

           3525 Ensign Rd NE

           Olympia, WA 98506

           New patients are booked 4 months out!

           They do accept new Medicare and most Advantage  plans.

           Providence Family Medicine - West Olympia

           Phone (360) 486-6710

            1620 Cooper Point Rd SW, Olympia, WA 98502

           They are booked out 6 weeks.

These providers offer primary care and hormone balancing:

Patricia Sylwester, MD

I worked with her at her urgent care clinic years ago. I appreciate her kindness and willingness to learn new concepts.

She does not directly bill insurance companies. Her work is considered by medical insurance companies “out of network.” She provides the medical billing codes so the client can bill their insurance company. She requests payment her for her services at the time of care. Her clinic is called:

Vital Rejuvenation.

Phone: 360-870-8616

1801 West Bay Dr., Northwest

Suite 208-A

Olympia, WA 98502


Thomas Griffith, ND owns Vital Healthcare Naturopathy and is accepting new primary care patients. He manages            primary care and hormone balancing.

           Phone 360-455-8281

           420 McPhee Rd SW

           Olympia, WA 98502


Naturopath Robin E. Moore is accepting new patients for primary care and hormone balancing. I have shared clients with her since I first opened the clinic in 2007. Her clients love her for her dedication, thoughtfulness and expertise.

Her clinic is called:

Olympia Family Health.

Phone: 360-459-9082

145 Lilly Rd., Northeast

Olympia, WA 98506


Naturopath Nicole Taylor

Dr. Nicole Taylor provides family medicine to people of all ages with a focus in women’s health, from adolescence through and beyond menopause. She is available at both Summit Pacific Medical Center in Elma, or at the McCleary Healthcare Clinic.

Phone: 360-346-2222

600 E Main Street,

Elma, WA 98541


Tahoma Clinic is owned by the world-famous hormone balancing and nutritional medicine physician Jonathan Wright, MD. Like Dr. Sylwester, the staff provide the client with billing codes, and payment is required at the time of care. Dr. Wright no longer takes new patients but he has a team of physicians that are taking new patients.

Tahoma Clinic

Phone: 206-812-9988

6839 Fort Dent Way #134

Tukwila, WA 98188

Records and Release Forms

We can provide your medical records on a CD to share with your new provider. Please submit a release for records through your new provider & have them mail it to:

AFW records

PO Box 8386

Lacey, WA 98509

Your medical records privacy and security will be maintained as required by Washington State and Federal laws. Medical record services are entitled to charge a fee to provide records, as allowed by Washington State Law.

All requests for records, billing and other information should be mailed to our post office box.

Advanced Family Wellness, Inc

PO Box 8386

Lacey, WA 98509


Thank you for the honor of being part of your medical team. I hope you will consider becoming a member of The Health Skeptics as Stephen and I review breakthrough technologies and treatments to keep you informed and connected.


Best Wishes in Health,

 Natalie Kather, MD

Natalie Kather, MD is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine, with a Metabolic Medicine approach that offers clients a path to greater energy & strength.

If you feel achy and fatigued, your memory is failing, and your zest for living is declining, you may think these conditions are just a result of getting old." It's time to think again.

Chronological aging and biological aging are two different things. A myriad of choices you make every day about your life, diet, activity, and health care alter the way you experience the aging process. After all, biological aging is the result of metabolic deficiencies and imbalances. Whether you're 33 or 83, you may be able to feel younger each day, instead of older, by improving your metabolism. 


This is the book that tells you how Dr Kather approaches health! Every client or person anticipating becoming a client should own and read a copy of this book!

In the Metabolic Makeover, best-selling author and biochemist Stephen Cherniske partners with his wife Dr. Natalie Kather. They describe a clinically tested program that produces dramatic results; greater and more consistent energy, easier weight loss and improved overall health.

Purchase on amazon.com, at the clinic or receive a 24% book club discount on packs of 10 or more at www.TheMetabolicMakeover.com


Natalie Kather, MD